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18 Avr 2011

[Scoop] Second preview of Rytmee

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Example of form created using Rytmee :

18 Avr 2011

Rytmee: 50% time won

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Decrease your form creation time more than 50% using Rytmee!

Rytmee calculates points, organizes formulas, show you only what you need. It makes the form’s layout and resizes symbols automatically.

You cannot do without!

18 Mar 2011

Internet Explorer 9 is arrived! … and Rytmee is OK

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Logo d'internet explorer 9

Microsoft has published the  last version of Internet Explorer. In its version 9, IE offers to be safer and faster than version 8. But it is more modern.

Using this last version,  you are sure  to not see Internet differently, and damaged, in comparison with other browsers (chrome, Firefox, Safari).

For this reason, Rytmee is OK for all Internet Explorer 9 users. But the team recommend to use Google Chrome for you personal browsing and for Rytmee.

Donwloaad Internet Explorer 9

Why Rytmee is out of order on Internet Explorer 8 and below?


10 Mar 2011

Internet Explorer and Rytmee

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You have perhaps noticed that Rytmee is out of order on Internet Explorer browser.

It is temporary and own to beta (test) version.

When the BETA version will be finished, Rytmee will be compatible on all browser: Chrome, FireFox, Safari, Opera, and Internet Explorer.

In all cases, the team recommend you to use Google Chrome. This modern broswer is faster and nicer to use for your personal broswing and for Rytmee.

Update : Internet Explorer 9 is arrived ! … and Rytmee is OK

07 Mar 2011

Update your browser before you begin !

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The launch of Rytmee is imminent… But befor you have to be prepared.

Rytmee uses the last web technologies to function. In order to make advantage of Rytmee, you have to use the last version of your browser.

Advice : For a bigest use comfort, we recommend you to test Rytmee with  Google Chrome browser. Faster and lighter, this browser is perfect to test Rytmee in its BETA version.

Download the last version Google Chrome.

Download the last version Firefox.

Download the last version of Internet Explorer.

If you use an older version, you cannot access to Rytmee!

07 Mar 2011

Drum roll ….

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Some of you have perhaps noticed it in opening their mail boxes. Rytmee Beta is opened… And it is preregister people who take advange of Rytmee first!

As I said in previous articles, Rytmeeis free during BETA version. It is an opportunity for you to test it and for us to collect your first opinion, remarks or suggestions… Don’t hesitate, there are contact forms! All comments you send will be studied in order to make changes to this tool that is yours.

If you have some questions, and you have probably some, you have the QUESTIONS/ANSWERS and also the  contact form.

For people who are nto yet register, you can do it at this adress.

I wish you a good discover!


07 Mar 2011

Differences between Newsletter and preregistration

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Don’t mistake the registration form at the newsletter  of the blog of Rytmee and the registration form at

It seems to be that some of you make a mistake using the registration form at the newsletter instead of the preregistration form at Rytmee.

For the registration at the newsletter, we asked you only your email, but for preregistration to, you asked you about the name of your club, the fsurname and fisrt name of coaches and their email.

If you don’t give these informations and you don’t receive confirmation email for preregistration, you are not registered!

Rytmee is opened. You can register at this adress

06 Mar 2011

Rytmee is also on Facebook

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Joined us on our Facebook page! and show it at your friends…

06 Mar 2011

Why a BETA version?

No Comments Rytmee @en is an innovative site. To give you quality service, we need to test Rytmee before when it will launch. The BETA version aloows you to test in preview the service but also to give your remarks, suggestions, or errors met during utilisation.

It is a very advanced version but still in development.

Using Rytmee during the BETA version, you become BETA-testors. It gives you an occasion to know its functioning and to be ready for the next season.

To give us your observations, a form was installed at the left of your browser. Just click on the vertical button « Feedback ».


Bouton Feedback de Rytmee



03 Mar 2011

[Vidéo] Exclusive, discovered Rytmee’s Teaser!

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You have dreamed of it? So This is the first presentation video of Rytmee… Follow the form creation during the video et discover a part of functionnalities.

Now, you are no excuse to preregister at Rytmee, and it is free during BETA version.

We wait for your remarks with impatience. – Présentation de la version BETA